August 8, 2017

Disabling Google search bar in Android

An Android smartphone is a programmable computer.

And just like Windows or MacOS, it is highly configurable by the user.

You don’t like that Google Search bar that keeps asking “What did you say” when you didn’t say anything. Well, you can Disable it.

The overview is Open Settings, Select Apps, the Select the Google App. Then first Force Stop and then Disable.

Then reboot…

If the Google Search Bar is gone, then it will not ever bother you again.

Now to spell out the steps for non computer geeks

Open Settings

On Android 6 look for the Settings Icon, looks like a Gear

Pull down the menu

Or press and hold the ◻️ button (at bottom of phone)

After you get the Settings menu open

Scroll down to Apps

And the Select Google from the Apps

Then first Force Stop and then Disable

You may need to reboot the phone (Hold down power then select “Reboot” when menu pops up

I haven’t had any problems with Disabling the Google Search Bar but each cell phone company has their own customized version of Android so it may cause problems.

Different versions of Android look and act different but these steps work with Android 6 and 4 (that I know of)

If there are unwanted effects then go back to the Google App and Enable

This basic technique can be used to Disable other unwanted features but Disabling an App will effect any other Apps that depend on it.

And there are Android Forums on the Internet that you can ask for help should you get in trouble.


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