June 19, 2017

The wee hours of the morning the next day after Father’s Day

Been sitting around gaming on my laptop. It was surprisingly powerful as I’m playing Fallout 3 at medium resolution. On a built in video card that’s the equivalent of an nVidia GT218 with a driver that’s focused on reliability, *not* performance.

Added a number of Mods. Got rid of the green tint, have cleaned sheets on my bed, and even the Amateur radios work with speech instead of just static

So, modding of an older game that I’ve already played gives it renewed life

However, that’s not why I’m posting. It’s about being surprised by something  unexpected

While buying sone stuff on eBay I bought an extra set of Earbuds for use with my cell phone, tablet *and* laptop.

Discovered that the earbuds were considerably more robust than I’d believed.

The Earbuds cord is wrapped in KEVLAR. You could use the cord to garrote someone (strangle by wrapping about neck and tightening)

These are seriously overbuilt Earbuds and the older versions can be bought on eBay for $15


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