June 5th, 2017

For something different I’d try…

Drunk blogging….

Day started off quite normal for a Monday. Yes, it’s 2:37am and I’m downloading Fallout III from Steam as I’ve already bought it and decided to replay the game. It’s an open sandbox type of game and there is always something new to find.

My blogging seems far better than reality, thanks to the nice auto-spell of the SwiftKey keyboard on my phone.

Makes my blogging far more coherent than it is in reality.

Scary, isn’t it? Only slightly better than a bot writing this. Just little ol’ me 2 1/2 sheets to the wind.

Just ran out my phone’s hotspot data. I’ve got something like 8-10 gigs of data and then…. Zero.

Just gets cut off. Hung up on.

Quite rude of Boost Mobile 😉

So, where was I?

Fallout III is about 1/3rd downloaded but at the present rate of 116KB/s it will take 4 to 6 hours.

Will it even run on my laptop? Well, Portal runs very well (surprisingly).

Trouble with laptop graphics cards is it’s hard to really compare them with gaming system cards. My laptop has an nVidia NVS 3100m which is what? Better or worse than my old nVidia 240 GT in my old AMD powered gaming tower?

Well, nothing like the old laboratory experiment.

Load it and see if it runs…

Kinda hard to calculate what I’ve drank tonight as I’m pretty much eye-balling about 3/4 of a cup of whiskey per drink (x2). About 2 1/2 shots per drink. No wonder I’m feeling it

That’s 4-6 standard US shots. Other countries (such as Ireland & Russia) have different sized shots.

It’s enough to numb me a bit

3:33am, nearly halfway there. I’m connected to a WiFi router that is very inconsistent. Sometimes almost zero throughput and other times fairly fast.

What you have to deal with if you are poor…

I’m done with my second drink. Should  I go for a third? Maybe not, the last sentence would have been totally incoherent if it weren’t for the SwiftKey spellchecker.

So, I’m just going to doze off on the couch and will find out in a few hours if Fallout III will run on my laptop.


Here’s hoping….


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