May 24th, 2017

At the Big Bear library…

Arrived here at 10:55 am, 5 minutes before the doors opened. So I have 8 hours of WiFi to update my laptop, both the Windows 7 side and the Ubuntu GNOME 64bit Linux side

The Windows updates are slow,  very slow, both in downloading and then in installing.

Then I have to get the Linux side logged in. Tried a half hour ago and it was seemingly hanging up on that login page public libraries are fond of setting up. They are a bother because you are connected, all indications say you have Internet, but you are actually sitting on a login page that is awaiting an OK.

The library Internet is somewhat slow at 2.45 Mbps (Mega Bits Per Second) download. While here renewed my library card (it had expired in January of this year).

2:51pm, installing the last 15 windows updates. Windows is a really frustrating experience. Worst thing about the installation process is if an update (or 5) fails to install you don’t find out until it reboots at end of updates.

Well, it’s almost 3pm so I need to move on to the Ubuntu Linux side…

3:45pm,*done* with critical updates for Windows 7, switched to Ubuntu and still couldn’t get update connectivity.

Then noticed it was trying to connect to the Canadian server. 

Switched to “Default”  server and system is now updating. Linux is extremely fast, Windows is dog slow.

My Ubuntu Linux side of my laptop is now completely updated and I installed just about every interesting program on the Software Store.

It’s 6:57pm and I’m home. Was a very interesting day but… I’m starving. Haven’t eaten since brekky (Aussie for breakfast).

My laptop is downright snappy when running Linux. Think I’ll play with it some more…

After I eat! 


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