May 23rd, 2017

Just a short entry today.

I’ve been busy for a couple of weeks and I also was a bit overwhelmed by the pace events have been going at.

Last Thursday my friend & landlord payed me a visit, bringing up my new (refurbished) laptop and a few odds and ends that I needed. Plus a bunch of fresh fruit & 6 dozen eggs.

He also brought up his new car (bought used on eBay)

New car is a Cadillac. A very nice luxury car.

We were going to the grocery store but ran into a street closure (bicycle race) and decided to detour around the lake in a clockwise direction.

The seats are not only really comfortable having lumbar support but they are also cooled. Don’t know how that’s done, have to Google it.

We got a funny look from a cop at a roadblock and my friend was asking me why.

So I asked “Two Rednecks in a Cadillac?”

He said he didn’t look like a Redneck.

“Lets see. Beard ✔️, camouflage pants ✔️, crazy eyes ✔️”

Went to a hardware store for bathroom tub faucet washers. The hardware store had nice cabinets full of washers but… No variety packs. They were only 29¢ each so I filled a bag with 2 each of 6 different sizes, hoping I was guessing right.

It went in fairly easy. Not much trouble. I guess it was 40 years ago that I replaced a faucet washer so I was surprised went it went so smoothly.

Now instead of a steady hot flow it’s just dripping slowly. Did the hot side tonight and mañana will do the cold…


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