May 7th, 2017

“Moderation in all things”

The extremes.  Politically speaking. The far right or the far left and never the twain shall meet. The right (conservatives)  don’t want to hear what the left (liberals) have to say and visa versa.

The few moderates who try to stand in the gap get pummeled from both extremes.

So that I can discuss this topic and not get drawn into the weeds of emotions without logic I’ll make my point using an example that most are unconcerned about.

On May 1st I  was shopping for stuff (a pepper grinder, hair cut kit, and a few other odds & ends) and saw, in the Electronics section of K Mart a drone on sale.

So I saw, whipped out my plastic, and bought

Not completely impulse buying as had been thinking of buying a drone for some time. Then I started learning what I didn’t know about UAS ( Unman
ned Aircraft Systems) as the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) calls quadcopter Drones.

First thing I learned was my drone needed to be registered by the FAA because it weighed more than .55 pounds (249.476 grams)

I’ve matured a bit over the years and refrained from going postal at the first hint of  an obstacle

(I hope I’ve matured).

So I went to the FAA UAS website ( ) and read through the FAQs to find out what registering a drone was all about.

First thing I learned (most important) was that the registration fee was $5 FOR THREE YEARS. With all the Government gouging going on, a $5 fee for three years was very reasonable.

Second I learned that the registration was for me, the drone pilot, not the drone number. I got a registration number that by law needs to be on every drone I own.

Third, the main reason for the registration was education. The drone registration certificate has laws printed on it that keep aircraft (both manned & unmanned) from collisions. Safety was the main point behind the registration.

All okay with me as I want to fly my drone without harming others

Sometimes the WHY of someone’s thinking can mitigate WHAT that person is saying.

Hope that encourages some to take the road less traveled and hear both sides without stumbling into Ad Hominem attacks because the other side is (expletive here)…


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