May 3rd, 2017

I was going to wait until my laptop got up here to update my blog but one thing or another kept on delaying my friend coming up here (a two to three hour drive) so I bought a 7 inch tablet. The tablet was supposed to be the kind with a keyboard but somehow I got that wrong. It does have a much bigger screen so even typing on the screen is better. 

Not as nice as a Thinkpad keyboard but serviceable 

I bought a drone. A Polaroid PL800, registered it with the  FAA and I’m almost ready to go. I’m going to fly a drone simulation until I feel ready to take to the sky.

Had an interesting experience. The drone is 1.5 wide and 2 feet long (approximately) and I cleared the center of the living room and tried flying it indoors. The drone has 3 speed settings, about 7mph up to 13mph, so I set it to 7mph which indoors is very fast.

Fortunately, the sofa is well padded so when it smacked into it with a loud noise no damage was done 

So I’m going to practice on my drone simulation until I feel ready.

The politics of the country can wait, I’m having a bit of fun with my new toys

My new 7 inch RCA Voyager Android tablet works well. After all that typing on my phone for the past year and 1/4, this big keyboard is easy to post to my blog. Not going to put up a pix of my tablet as I’m sure everyone has seen one. If you haven’t you are living further out in the boonies than me.

POLAROID PL800 Quadcopter Drone w/ HD camera


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