January 29th, 2017

Is Donald Trump a conservative or “something else” 

Some people on Facebook were discussing Donald Trump’s conservative credentials,  which got me wondering just what he is.

Another Facebookite (person on Facebook,)  was complaining last Tuesday that Trump was violating woman’s rights with  an Executive Order cutting funding for abortions.

I’d heard some vague news that abortion funding for foreign NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations)  was being cut.

I went to a direct source,  the White House website. There is a section called “Briefing Room” that lists what the President did each day in summary form (plain-speak rather than legalize)

The Briefing room verified that what I thought I had heard was reality. I trust the White House dot gov website because with the intensely critical scrutiny it gets by Trump’s enemies there won’t be a “jot or tittle” out of place (ancient phrase for perfect grammer)

On January 23rd, 2009 Obama had signed an order banning the enforcement of a policy established by law.

On January 23rd, 2017 Trump un-banned the enforcement of that same policy.

Obama and Trump differ in opinion in a lot of areas,  this one in particular 

That policy disagreement was over the “Mexico City Policy”


Simply put, the Mexico City Policy bans US funds going to NGOs that…  Wait for it…  Perform abortions.

By his actions he is known.  One (Obama) is pro abortion and one is against (Trump) 

Going back to my original question,  what is Trump?

On to another somewhat related subject,  where do you get your info? 

Is it liberal OR conservative media by any chance?

Let me demonstrate what subtle wording changes can do to a “fact”

Said one way: “Trump orders states that illegal immigrants be detained for deportation by ICE”

Said another way:” Trump orders states that are due to release criminal illegal aliens to notify ICE and turn them over for deportation”

I’ve seen both in headlines about Trump’s order on the subject.  Which is more accurate?

First one “sounds” like a blatant anti-immigrant policy

The other sounds like a good idea.  Don’t we have enough Gang bangers,  rapists,  murderers and drug dealers that are home grown? These people don’t benefit America,  they prey on people living here

Bias.  The liberal media has bias.  But so does the conservative media.

Case in point,  the heavy criticism of the liberal media for going after president’s family but considering Malia fair game.

When I was 18 I was a Democrat because my Father was a Democrat and voting was simple,  just check all the “D” boxes.

Now I’m not praising Malia,  I don’t know her but let’s give her a chance.  The human brain doesn’t reach full size until age 25

News is when someone DOES something criminal,  not being 18 and just starting out in life.  Unless Malia does something newsworthy let’s let her be.  

One last point and I’ll be done

What is in that order can be seen first hand at The Federal Register


Media routinely distorts facts so if you want “Just the truth.  Ma’am”  go directly to the source,  not ANY media outlet.

Unless you are looking for something pre-digested to support your view and are unconcerned about truth


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