January 27th, 2017

Trumpcare,  what is needed?

Obamacare is crashing.  The “Affordable”  Care Act is not so affordable and isn’t improving.

The ACA needs to be replaced by something,  as the liberals are so fond of saying,  “sustainable”

Liberals will be saying,  whatever the outcome,  that it was the Republicans that screwed up Obamacare.  Then they will say it’s because Republicans are racist..

Yeah,  watch for it. 

What’s to be done? Well,  first there are a few really good ideas in Obamacare.  One is the Preexisting Condition clause.

Good for some but bad for others.  Good in that you won’t be denied insurance because of some affliction.  But,  how do we balance the cost of care fairly?

By moving some of that cost burden to those who are healthy? 

That would lower costs how?

How about taxes?  Lets add over a dozen new taxes.  That will do what to the cost?

How about let’s keep the insurance companies on board by guaranteeing an almost monopoly by forbidding out of state companies from selling over state lines.  Good for the insurance company but not so for the people. 

Obamacare will be very difficult to fix.

Here’s what I hope for.

Open up interstate sales of insurance.  And let the states regulate the insurance companies.  If they sell insurance in a state,  they must abide by that states laws.  After all,  won’t Alaska’s needs be different than Florida’s?

Engage the eBay effect (competition lowers prices) 

How about Preexisting Conditions?  How to fairly deal with the cost?

Some states have regulated auto insurance to require costs to be “fair”.  So someone living out in the country pays the same as someone who lives in the city.  Is it “fair” for the country dweller to pay more for fairness?  The city driver (statistically) is a greater risk to insure than the country driver.

Is it then “fair” that someone who lives a healthy life style pay extra for those that live unhealthy or even those who through no fault of their own have a chronic medical condition?

Now that will be a tough nut to crack 

Taxes,  what to do there?  Just repealing the taxes would make it hard to pay for all the people now on Medicare.

And then there’s that mandate.  Most people really don’t like having their freedom so deeply curtailed.  But what about being able to get the numbers up to pay for everyone’s care?

Nothing at all easy about cleaning up the Obamacare mess

Now I know that there are more questions than answers in this post.

But these are concerns I have or others have expressed


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