January 21st, 2017

I was going to write a post on “Fake News” but found that it wasn’t something that I could get down in print.  Too many intangibles such as I’m a person who is biased against believing bad about people. 

Was also going to write about the repeal of Obamacare but since it’s currently in flux whatever I say probably will be off target. 

So,  all I’m going to talk about is Trump’s Inauguration and the events in DC the last two days.

I saw Trump’s Inaugural speech.  Not live because breakfast was my priority. Was impressed by his constant referrals to the people and seldom about himself.

In this world Nationalism is looked upon negatively but I personally think the Idea of putting “America First” is a good one.  For 8 years we haven’t been first.

Bringing half a million Syrian refugees into the country was more important that taking the time &  effort to vet these people to make sure we weren’t importing terrorists.

So far it’s only the first whole day of Trump 45, so it’s really a bit early to prognosticate,  but he’s off to a good start.

Did see something that bothered me.  Attacks on Trump’s son and daughter.  Liberals,  you may *HATE* Trump’s existence but refrain from cowardly attacks on family members.

Done for today.  Just letting you know I didn’t die or something 


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