January 7th, 2017

So far (knock on formica)  I haven’t yet typed 2016 instead of the correct 2017, even in rough drafts! Of course now that I’ve bragged about it,  soon I’ll end up with the 2016 brain fart

The “No Gun Zone”  dilemma

There is a time & place for “No Gun Zones”.  In Courthouses,  Government buildings,  Bars & and Sports Events to name a few.

The idea of not allowing guns into a court where sometimes emotions get jacked up is easy to understand. But of course shootings don’t occur in courthouses because of metal detectors, police &  deputies everywhere.

Bars: does ANYONE think guns &  booze is smart?

And sporting events: excitement+booze+guns?

Trouble is,  shooters pick “Gun Free”  zones because maybe they are cowards or maybe they brook no competition from others with guns.  Who knows except that it seems to be a pattern.

Gun Free zones such as Ft Hood’s Deployment Staging Center where an Army Major playing jihadist killed,  what was it 13 unarmed soldiers?

Of course Obama called it “workplace violence” and screwed the soldiers out of Purple Hearts and the bennies of being killed or injured in an enemy action.

Or how about the Denver movie theater shooter? Another “gun free” zone.

Or recently Ft Lauderdale,  Florida.

All have the same thing in common – “Gun Free Zones”

The Army Major was doing presentations to his peers extolling the virtues of jihad and mind fucking his patients about how evil they were when they,  in the line of duty,  killed Muslims.

Major Hassan’s superiors in Ft Hood knew he was bent to jihad and did…  Nothing

The Denver shooter’s psychologist knew his patient was badly disturbed but also did nothing.

Then the last shooter,  Ft Lauderdale.  He went to the FBI telling them that he was hearing voices in his head telling him to join ISIS,  the Feebs sent him to a shrink,  then the airline had this loophole in security that you could drive a truck convoy through.  Nobody did ANYTHING to stop this shooting.

What I’m getting at is that in all three shootings three major things were present: failed or no security and the system letting us down

And “Gun Free Zones” 

Now,  getting the agencies and shrinks to toe the line and protect society from these mental killers with guns will take time and extensive changes in what happens now.

One thing that could be done IMMEDIATELY is passing a Federal law where anyone or any entity that wants to designate “Gun Free Zones” should be required to provide armed security to provide adequate protection from shooters who ignore posted signs.

From the theater owner who “feels”  that’s how it should be to airport management.

If they fail to provide protection after declaring a “Gun Free Zone” then violations of carrying guns by licensed Concealed Carry citizens in “Gun Free Zones”  should be null & void until said entity complies with the law.

I hope that Congress and President Trump will act to fix these “security free” zones,  A. K. A “Gun Free Zones” so that fellow Americans aren’t set up as easy targets.

 Thus ends my rant for the day

Update 1/17/2017 The Fort Lauderdale shooter has had his guns taken away TWICE. And given back TWICE.  Really feel protected by Government


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