January 4rth, 2017


Unruly passengers on commercial airlines

My suggestions of perhaps a different way of dealing with intoxicated,  hateful,  or other Unruly and dangerous passengers

Your settled into your seat,  calming drink in hand and some man starts yelling at Ivanka Trump about how her father is going to ruin the country and how him riding in a plane with the b**** was completely unacceptable to him.

So,  the proscribed procedure goes into effect,  the man is restrained if necessary and…  Your flight is diverted so security or police can remove him.

Flight ends up delayed and you miss the connecting flight.

Why should a whole plane full of passengers get inconvenienced for one moron who doesn’t know how to behave.

My suggestion is,  have a small area that has straight jackets,  beds, a soundproof wall at the rear of the plane so it’s out of the way.  Where behavior challenged passengers who are too Unruly to stay on the plane can be restrained for everyone else’s safety and peace of mind.

Then,  at the destination security or police can remove the Unruly one.  After all the other passengers depart the plane.

I’m not sure of the legal aspects of this idea,   but airlines have a legal staff to work out the  liability issues.

One idea might be for a crewmember to videotape the Unruly passenger and how the crew dealt with them.

Don’t know if Tazers or other non-deadly weapons could be used.

Like I said,  either get the lawyers onto this or come up with something other that having a whole plane full of people inconvenienced and ripped off because the flight is delayed when it wasn’t really necessary

BTW,  no endorsement in any way is implied by the picture.  Just liked the red one best


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