December 30th, 2016 – Part 1

This man is an example of an Undesirable illegal alien 🔽


He was accused of raping a 13 year old girl on a Greyhound bus that was traveling through Kansas.  He has been deported 10 times and has voluntarily removed himself 9 times (meaning he was caught and willingly left the country).

19 times. An average of 1.4 times a year since 2003. Guess it wasn’t too hard to get back in

What’s to be done?  Will anyone argue with the fact that THIS is an Undesirable?

How about a real border barrier?  A wall + effective border policing?  Penalties for repeatedly illegally crossing that have teeth (no free bus rides home) ?

Let’s do SOMETHING to keep foreign Rock Spiders (child molesters) out of our country.

Raping a 13 year old is child molestation 

Think I’m racist because I’m against foreign illegal alien Rock Spiders molesting our children?

A man is defined by what he does


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