December 30th, 2016 – Part 2

Just random thoughts by a random thought kind of guy

Hillary is done.  Her email server,  Benghazi,  health,  etc is all passé (means fossilized &  irrelevant).

She lost,  and unless we are really cursed won’t be back in 2020

Like she said in the Benghazi hearing : “What difference does it make?”

Next little pico-thought : Russia &  Hacking

Did Russia really hack all Hillary’s emails and give them to Wikileaks?  Julián Assange says no.  Said they came from a disgruntled Democrat Operative.

Who should I believe,  Putin who says no he &  Russia didn’t hack Hilary’s illegal server or Assange who has no dog in the fight and says a Democrat spilled the beans?

And that Putin, surprise surprise, seeing Obama throwing a tantrum says he’ll just wait until the grownups take over on January 20th

Going on… 

Obama still believes his signature will make great changes and give him a legacy he can be proud of.  Most of those changes are Executive Orders and if Trump’s hand holds out can be negated in a day.

Took the country 8 years but I think they have finally woke up


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