December 28th, 2016

3 days and 2016 is history…  And 22 days until Trump takes office

Thoughts on illegal immigration,  a moderate view

Trump said he wanted to deport ALL illegal aliens but not being a “Trumpista” I don’t agree.  There are illegal aliens that I really want to be rid of.

There are others that either don’t bother me or I’m actually friends with and definitely don’t want to see deported.

The UNdesirable illegal aliens are the gang bangers,  the criminals,  drug dealers and the child molesters. These are all types that choose to harm others and break laws.

“Sanctuary Cities” have the greatest concentration of Undesirable illegal aliens.

Take Los Angeles,  California for example.  The police are restricted by “Special Order 40” from questioning anyone about immigration status.  So the frustrated LA cops watch known gang bangers that they KNOW FOR A FACT have been deported and are back. SO 40 says they can’t do anything until they see a crime being committed,  but not the the obvious one of re-entering the country illegally.

The blanket “Sanctuary City” laws do not have any flexibility built in. All illegals are protected,  for good or bad.

Child molesters,  the lowest of the low,  mostly prey upon thier own race so protecting an illegal who is also a molester helps no one. Endangers Children! Even other illegals don’t want a “Rock Spider” (Aussie slang) for a neighbor.

Now for the rest of the illegal aliens

Can’t really call them desirable except for my friends who are illegal.

I believe that obeying laws goes along with having a good character. An illegal is already breaking one law so I have to say they already have one strike against them.

Say an illegal wants to drive a car and isn’t licensed. In California illegals can now get licensed.  Many fear getting put on a government list that may be used to find and deport.

My position is that an illegal because they can legally get a license either get the license or don’t drive.  Licensing is for protecting the public from incompetent drivers,  although many would say the DMV falls short. 

I don’t know if I’ve been clear but basically let’s focus on Weeding out the bad illegal aliens and not harass the decent illegals.  And there really are more decent illegals than Undesirables

On to another topic


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