December 26th, 2016 – Part 1

For my first “post” post all kind of thoughts have been swirling about.  My present situation is that I’m snowed in, about 2 feet of snow,  in a cabin in Big Bear Lake, California

Have plenty of food,  Internet access and the cabin is well heated with all the all the things that make it a home.

So what to “rant” about.

Well, last night it got down to 3° Fahrenheit and it’s a bit hard for me to jump on the global warming/anthropogenic climate change bandwagon. If you talk to a Climate-ista they generally will pontificate at you and soon will dish out the name calling.  Telling me the present super cold weather is caused by global warming due to an “artic vortex”  sounds like BS to me.

I was recently told “you just never learn”  when I wasn’t impressed with the “fact” that a certain jellyfish was now common on the Atlantic coast.  I wasn’t aware that floating jellyfish could migrate,  just thought they went where the wind & currents pushed them.

I remember when in High School (40+ years ago) when scientists were telling us an Ice Age was in the future.

Trump won,  Hillary lost. ◀️ a true fact 

A big looming problem is the huge federal deficit.  To keep spending at the rate we are will be a disaster when the countries lending cut off the credit.  Hillary was planning to just continue what Obama was doing but doubling down on a couple of things.

Will Trump be an effective President?

I’m a bit impressed how he backed down Boeing about Air Force One.  Just a small thing but Boeing had never been questioned about AF One’s cost and then along comes Trump.

Then there was the Carrier jobs…

Trump has yet to be be Inaugurated and he is already on the job.

Will the next 4 years be easy street for Americans? Might be painful for those who view the Government as Santa Claus.  Some of us have grown up and know Santa Claus is a myth and government has no money it hasn’t taken from someone who earns it.

Going to be an interesting 4 years.


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