December 26th, 2016 – Part 2

Fake news… 

I’ve heard about “fake news”,  a.k.a. Propaganda for many years but thought I was too wise to be fooled until a simple “fact”  I’d believed for 50+ years was exposed as untruth.

I’m talking about lemmings.  Those little white artic creatures that commit mass suicide by running off cliffs into the sea.

Untrue.  Disney did a show on it and fabricated the whole lemming suicide run. Looked spectacular for the camera but it was staged for the camera with people off camera chasing a bunch of the critters over a cliff.

I and many others believed what we saw,  after all, would Disney lie? 

Guess that would be a yes

This Presidential election has really brought the issue of fake news into focus.

I shared an article with someone and they objected because it was from a source they didn’t trust.  So I sent them the same article link from a different source that they felt was neutral.

I wasn’t offended because they had a healthy but polite skepticism

So,  how do we tell what’s fake and what’s not? 

If a source is found to be untrustworthy, makes bad judgment calls or jumps on a story without verifying it.

Like all the news outlets that carried the fake story about “Trumpists” surrounding a young woman and trying to tear off her hijab while chanting “Trump,  Trump,  trump”.  Never happened.  Young lady in question is facing a charge of a false report.

Did any of those media outlets print a retraction? No.

Fake news is a real problem and finding reliable sources may be a big challenge these next 4 years 


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