Saturday, February 6th, 2016

2nd post today…

Hillary Clinton is a contender for the Democratic party nomination

Really?  Mrs decepticon herself?

Latest “problem” she’s having is those emails on her personal (non-government) email server.  What’s the big problem? Security, that’s what the problem is.

Back 7 years when  Obama became president he wanted to keep his Blackberry,  which at the time was the best handheld communication device there was.

But the Secret Sevice said “No,  absolutely not”  because the servers that make a Blackberry such a great communication device are in Canada,  a friendly foreign government but still a Foreign government.

We don’t want enemies getting hold of our secrets.

The solution in Obama’s case was to set up a US owned Blackberry server.

So Hillary,  why the dribbling release of these emails that Federal law forbade you to send on a private email account?

Release them all now.  Unless of course there really is something to hide…


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