Wednesday March 19th, 2014

Today I had a new thought. I saw an obese woman crossing the street in one of those “sidewalk Cadillacs” – those motorized chairs for the disabled.

My normal, standard thought didn’t happen. I actually looked at the woman and saw she was very far from happy. That book I’d been reading, Shattering The Shackles Of Shame by Patricia Lee Hulsey, had informed me that that addictions were a very common thing in the shame-based personality. Addictions like alcohol, gambling (also gaming) and compulsive eating.

Now, don’t get me wrong: warm compassionate loving fuzzy  feelings didn’t happen.

After all this was merely a stranger crossing the street. What didn’t happen is I didn’t see her and instantly categorize her as an extreme case of welfare riding a fancy chair that my tax monies had bought.

What I saw was a woman who showed obvious signs of a shame-dominated personality. An unhappy person. Like me.

In Patricia Lee Hulsey’s book she said in the Introduction: “When I became a born-again Christian, I understood from that time on that Jesus died for my sins, but it was years later when I understood that He also died for my shame” 

She next says: “Since I no longer carried my sins, then I no longer needed to carry the shame of my sins or the shame imposed upon me by others”.

Patricia Lee Hulsey in her short book of 11 short chapters she lays out the reasons, the effects, and the cure for shame. She documents it well and says, for reason of her qualifications to write about shame: “Shame is not something I learned about through research. I didn’t read a book or go to a seminar on the subject. I agonized with its intensity when as a child I was told I was no good, stupid, and would never amount to anything”.

I’m not going to quote the entire book here. If you wish to read it for yourself here’s one last link: Shattering The Shackles Of Shame


Another thought I had this morning was that all this stuff I was going through would be good for writing a book. Even thought up a name “Escape from Laodicea” (Revelation 3:14-22)

I’m not ready to write it yet. Haven’t yet  “escaped”, still within the city limits. But I’m making progress


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