Friday, March 14th, 2014 8:41PM

Since the wee hours of this morning (other Mar 14th post) I slept fitfully, got up, showered, went to Food4Less and used the CoinStar machine (broke it),  got $25.10 in pennies, nickles and dimes, went to Carl’s Jr and got two sausage egg & cheese biscuits and ate breakfast.

While eating breakfast had my one and only realization of the day. The place I live in is really good. Everything works, roommates are good, neighborhood quiet and safe.

Better than the seven years I spent living in a room where the roof leaked when it rained hard. Then it leaked with light rain. Then it fell in. I declined from suing as these were Christian people  who had been very generous to the Homeless Program I’d been in

Also better than the 3 months (looooong months) spent living with a High School Teacher who would find 1 ant on his counter, call me down and chew me out. He was lucky *I* am a Christian and won’t start fights.

I also realized that I didn’t appreciate where I’m living, didn’t appreciate the almost 2 years of unemployment, and didn’t appreciate the 10K (7K after tax penalty) that kept me alive since then

After breakfast I rode south, then east a bit, then northish a bit, then west with a jog north, then home (west then south)

23 mile – used Google maps to plot out the distances.


Hadn’t been here in 3 years


This was a surprise. Original archery range was frames holding hay bales and some cryptic cement markers in ground – nothing like this

Stopped by several places, rode the Santa Ana river trail back, stopped at Centennial park

Got a LOT of sun – face is sunburnt. Was surprised that I did that in my out of shape, mal-nourished condition.

Well, perhaps I can get some sleep tonight…


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