Lucky or watched over?

1 Driving to Yuma, AZ in friend’s car, me driving. We were stoned and I went into a sharp curve too fast and we made it. Car had bald tires (1974ish)

2 Driving up to Big Bear (or maybe Lake Arrowhead) with EX went into unexpected sharp turn too fast and didn’t crash

3 When driving home from musical event a drunk man, trying to run across the street in front of our car at night, ran into the driver’s side windshield and door. My EX didn’t see him until it was too late, she swerved off road to right and we clipped a large pickup and spun around a time or two. Car damaged badly but neither of us hurt even though it was pre-wearing seatbelt days. Last of those days…

4 My EX with my daughter in car ran through red light and was hit by truck going through intersection. Daughter was in car seat and totally unharmed, EX had a minor scrape or two. Car was totaled

5 Car pulled out in front of me when riding 900 Honda bike to work. Went down in wet street, kicked away from bike as I went down, slid for 50 odd feet on palms and toes. Not a scratch on me. Knees in pants torn up

6 Pickup hydroplaned on freeway in rain, ended up going into ditch backwards – truck banged up but I was not injured. Soaked to waist when I opened truck door in rain-filled ditch.

7 Two parter: on Friday the Thirteenth was run over, literally, by an SUV in intersection while riding bicycle. Was a high road clearance SUV and both me and bike fit underneath. Had sprained ankle but otherwise okay. Afterwards limped to grocery store, bought groceries and  then home
A week later was testing foot to see if ready to go back to work on a Sunday, rode through a field and I *think* got bit in back of leg by bug carrying disease. By Monday morning left leg was swollen but tried going to work anyway. Was sent home before noon and was a long, painful walk. By that time leg was so swollen I couldn’t bend it to ride bicycle –
During rest of week was in extreme pain, was unable to think, and somewhere around Thursday night turned on a Christian Radio station for comfort. I knew that going to emergency room would get my leg amputated, *if* I survived the treatment. Then it dawned on me – I was a veteran and could go to the VA hospital. –
At the VA hospital I had to wait for some time because they needed to assemble a surgical team because it was Friday evening. Surgeon was marathon runner so he knew just what to cut. After 11 days was sent home with portable wound vacuum and had nurse visits to change bandages. –
During the whole time I was driven to get exercise and stay active. Was sent home with a wheel chair but was out of that in a week.

Am now intimately familiar now with Necrotizing fasciitis, A.K.A. “Flesh eating bacteria” and have a nasty 8 inch scar on the back of my thigh to remind me that I could have died or lost that leg


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