Dec 14th, 2013

I’m back from my long journey down the corridors of despair

I won’t elaborate because it wasn’t pretty. Also a bit embarrassing because a ton of self pity was involved

However, I see hope – the young people aren’t stupid in this country

I had thought they were stupid because twice they helped elect Obama, Liar in Chief (Washington Post 4 Pinocchios and Politifacts Liar of the year)

But they are actually quite sharp – and they aren’t being fooled about Obamacare by some rapper or other young celebrity, they looked into it and discovered that they were the people on the hook for paying for all the pre-existing, chronically ill or older people – them, the “Young Invincibles”

And like traditional Americans when faced with tyrannical laws said – NO

Love the “Creepy Uncle Sam”

I’m opting out because I don’t want anyone burdened with paying for me, especially my granddaughter


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