Memorial Day Weekend May 26th, 2013

For this weekend I saw two movies

Star Trek Into Darkness and Ironman 3

and to do something different I’ll give short reviews

well more like my opinions of the movies

Ironman 3

I enjoyed the First Ironman a lot, the second less

but still not bad

The Third – the special effects were good, and the plot was

good enough for a superhero genre movie

Villains bigger than life, battles fought on a epic scale\

and of course – the love story.

In Ironman 2 Tony Stark, being the perfectionist,

had 3+ models of the Ironman Suit

in this one he has 42. A bit of an obsession that

is beginning to cause problems between him and Pepper Potts

(Gwyneth Paltrow)

Was an enjoyable superhero action film that delivered the goods

Star Trek Into Darkness

The second J J Abrams Star Wars like Star Trek movie

and that’s not bad – just not your average Star Trek style

faster-paced – even faster than JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie

and it had some very Star Wars type scenes, like when Spock is

chasing the most dangerous villain from flying cargo transport

to another, ala Star Wars style

All the 2009 cast members were there, including Lenard Nimoy

playing Spock from the future (Spock Prime)

I didn’t name who the most dangerous villain was

intentionally. Watch the movie to find out


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