Still alive… May 7th, 2013

A month has passed since my last blog entry

and I’m still in the land of the living

Which really isn’t saying much…

I’m still playing Fallen Earth but even as absolutely vast that that

free to play Steam Game is I’ve in 4 months have “been there, done that”

and for the last few days have been re-playing Fallout 3

Biohazard sign

I’m still struggling to even want to get out of bed

and when I do I end up gaming till daylight

Addictive Personality + an addiction

(like a good MMO)

makes me fear that I’ll just end up running to the end of my savings

not that that would be entirely bad, as at least I’d be off the Internet

Biohazard sign

On the political front – bad times Might be catching up with Obama

people are beginning to see what a steaming pile Obamacare is

they are already saying they will need another 800 Billion just to get it started

one congress person quipped it’s like a menu without any food on it

Benghazi – 4 of our people were brutally murdered by

a group of well-organized attackers

but it was told to us that it was outrage and rioting over a YouTube video

the “edited” talking points spread by Ambassador Susan Rice

have been uncovered and Tomorrow (Wednesday)

3 “Whistle blowers”

testify before congress



was called the Teflon President because the left couldn’t make anything stick

but he’s been bested in that category

Obama is as slippery as a greased pig

and no, I’m NOT being racist – but I have no respect for someone who lies so well

Bill Clinton was a great liar, too. But his lying involved his Monica problems

not shoving Obamacare up America’s ass

He (and everyone else) repeatedly said Obamacare is not a tax…

but the Supreme Court declared it WAS a tax


But the question is: has America woken up yet or not?

After the first four years of Obama the facts were out there

but America re-elected Obama


I’ve been listening to a Texas Talkradio station 1370AM

and it’s a different world down there

here’s one of their advertisers: The Silencer Shop

did you know that children can get intimidated by the loud reports of a gun?

so, get a Silencer, for hearing protection


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