Hard to find something to be hopefull about – April 8th, 2013

22 days since my last blog update

I’m still alive – either that or my Linux-powered laptop

is infected with an AI that mimics me…


Logotherapy , Viktor Frankl’s great contribution to Psychiatry

seems to be the key to overcome my current malaise

I Lack motivation to do anything…

I’m no longer looking for work. Why work? The state and Feds are

just going to bleed me until I live in poverty

like I’ve been for the last two DECADES

I, the male, get shafted by California while my ex-wife gets “disability”


So I’m here – barely able to get out of bed, waiting… waiting…

for what? God’s help? people in the church I used to go to tell me God doesn’t

help people – I have to somehow deep down inside myself find the motivation


Well, stay tuned – perhaps I’ll have something better to say

or perhaps not –








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