After a couple of months – March 17th, 2013

After a couple of months things are about the same

That “Fiscal Cliff” was kicked down the road. Now we have Sequestrations – a 10% cut

in all parts of the Federal Government. Even White House tours have been canceled

because the Secret Service has to cut 10%

Interesting how the Obamas haven’t cut back on vacations.

The idea is hit us tax payers where it hurts most

California is worse than ever

The voters here passed Proposition 30

Prop 30 was sold as “Taxing the Rich” and going to education

funny how all pay the raised Sales Tax, most are affected by the higher state income tax

(except those on welfare or other Government handouts)

and as far as education, all the money went to public employee union pensions

and salaries. Nothing went to classrooms…

All brought to us by the “Party of Lies”


Biohazard sign

So, in a month I’m moving to Texas

No income tax, less than 7% sales tax rate, and business-friendly regulation

and it’s easier to get a concealed weapon license in Texas than a business license

in California

Biohazard sign

 Now you are probably wondering by now about the Biohazard sign…

My new MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game)

is Fallen Earth (on Steam)


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