Breaking Free… December 28th, 2012

Kotagh is “dead’. Killed him by simply clicking the Delete button and typing “Kotagh”

Felt like committing suicide. Happened at 11PM last night

However, it was also freeing.

Star Trek Online is not evil, but it was addicting

and not intentionally in a bad way. The game’s system of accolades and

rewards were geared to make the gamer’s experience interesting and challenging


In my case – this was harmful. Like I stated yesterday it was irresistibly compelling

to load Star Trek Online and escape the dismal life I was living


God is good. He gave me the strength to “kill off” Kotagh and start living again

“Kotagh” was a fearless Klingon Warrior. In Real life I’m fearful. Of everything

I was even fearful of using the resources I have,

like my almost $10,000 401K that is usable for survival


One time I was homeless and I had about $1500 of traveler’s checks

in my backpack. I was fearful of spending it


I just closed my 401K and the check is in the mail.

So, what’s next for me?


By The Way – here is an interesting WikiPediA article

 Video game addiction

That gives a little insight into what I’m going through


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