Still alive… December 27th, 2012

Well, I toughed it out – gaming withdrawals, for a whole… three days.


Gaming can be addicting, regardless not being included in the DSM of mental illnesses,

and can be debilitating, especially when coupled with bad real life circumstances

Star Trek Online is a role-playing game. Kotagh, my avatar in STO, doesn’t exist

outside STO but has pretty much taken over my life. When not playing STO I dream about it

and that 3 days I tried to “cold turkey” it, I was bored out of my skull

(and forehead ridges 😉 )


For the Holidays I did nothing. Saw neither of my children nor my granddaughter

because this jobless Christmas has depressed me to the point that I escape,

Is escape into a virtual world like Star Trek Online any worse than drug use?


I see some hope for escape. Tonight several of the leaders offered me a

promotion to “Leader”, the top House of Duras Fleet rank

Quite an honor but… It’s not what I need to free myself from the addiction

so I had to turn it down. Greater involvement in STO is NOT what I need


So, a virtual “suicide” might be called for. In STO when you delete the game

on your computer ALL is still on the STO servers and if you re-install you get

everything back. If you delete a character he is gone and all that went with him

Ships, weapons, Accolades, ETC also is gone.

May have to do just that

Well, anyway, I’m still alive and with a bit of help from my friends (and God)

I may actually get cured of this addiction

I was once a smoker. Now, it’s like I had never smoked. Not

tempted in the slightest to start again and maybe STO might actually be

part of my future

once this addiction to the game is overcome


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