I won something! A just released ship – September 28th, 2012

Yesterday, right after the weekly scheduled Thursday update on Star Trek Online

I was doing my daily killing Tholians on Nukara when I picked up a new lockbox

The Temporal Lock Box

but… it seemed like every minute at least once someone was winning the

Temporal Science Vessel

– a message would scroll across the top of the screen announcing it to everyone

sometimes several a minute – only the top winners are announced

After I’d picked up a half dozen Temporal Lock Boxes I bought 10 keys and started

opening – got to the forth one and won this: Korath Temporal Science Vessel

Was I surprised! I had actually spent about $300 on master keys before and never

won the ship I’d wanted. The Temporal Lock Box ODDS of winning the top ship

is like all the other Lock Boexs – about 0.06%

But I got it in 4. A Fleet Mate got his in half a dozen so

either Cryptic glitched – made a mistake, or did that intentionally

Here’s my Korath Temporal Science Vessel in orbit over Risa

The oval bumps near the back are part of the Temporal Backstep system – get into a tight spot and you

can “rewind” time by 7 seconds. Seven seconds is a lot of time in a battle

And here is a picture of a native fruit on Risa

which I can now visit – it’s in Federation Space but I’m a level 3 Marauder

The Federation players can visit Klingon Space after they achieve status as a Diplomat

needless to say – I prefer the Klingon way


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