Tribble Test Weekend rewards August 18th, 2012

Back in the First Weekend of July (7&8th) Perfect World had a Tribble Test Weekend

where you were invited (with bribes) to participate in a final test of Season 6 before it went live

the bribes were

who’s mere presence on your ship helps with any battle against the Tholians and

my Fleet Tribble coughs up one Fleet Mark when I pet it

but the best news for the Trekkies on STO:

As one House of Duras Warrior put it – you sneeze and a Fleet Mark ends up in your Hankie

For the Foundry Daily I went to a Romulan Zoo, “fixed” a broken panel and scanned some contraband

took all of 10 minutes and earned me 1440 in Dilithium ore AND 50 Fleetmarks


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