Fleet Starbase is coming along – August 3rd, 2012

The House of Duras Fleet Starbase is almost at Tier 2

A completely finished Starbase is Tier 5, so things are coming along

This is what it looks like as of today.

Those two extensions coming out of the sides correspond to two doors on the inside

that don’t go anywhere, yet

It will be interesting to find out what those extensions will look like inside when finished

Now for the really interesting news – about me

Hey, It’s MY blog so some of it can be about me

I was promoted to the Third highest rank in the Fleet.

The House of Duras doesn’t just promote you – it’s trial by combat

Yesterday evening I received a private summons to meet one of the leaders

(Top Guys and Gals) at the Fleet Starbase.

When I arrived I found three of the top Bosses waiting for me in the Fleet’s Great Hall,

right in front of the Klingon Empire Symbol

They looked serious – and scary.

I forgot to take a screenshot of my summoning. It was to test me.

Ground combat and then space combat.

It was a seriously difficult test. I really didn’t think I did well at all

Describing it will be meaningless to someone who hasn’t gone through it

It was like when I earned that Shard of Kahless Bat’leth. You had to

experience going to the Klingon Hell (Gre’thor) and killing the biggest demon

The head guy, to earn the sword. It’s a unique item – you can’t buy or trade it

if you see an avatar in Star Trek Online carrying one, they earned it.

Went to hell, killed the big guy, and returned with the Bat’leth

Well, it was quite the adventure being tested by combat.

I felt so inadequate and incompetent

but I didn’t give up

which probably earned my promotion.


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