Federation vs Klingon Academy Events – August 1st, 2012

In Star Trek Online one of the daily events is the Academy Event

Academy as in Military Academy

Both the Federation and Klingon side involves the same thing

a search for Particle Fragments that you either have to stabilize before they decay

or suddenly a Combat Hologram will appear that you have to fight and defeat

However, the Academies are very different in the way they react to the shaking up

of sudden, violent combat with the Combat Holograms

On the Klingon side everyone, including the old Klingon Tailor, wants to get into the fight

to the point of you having so much “help” that you can’t get close to the Combat Hologram

without pushing through a crowd.

Battle for Klingons is what they live and breath for

On the other hand...

The most common reaction to combat breaking out is either cowering or

running away by the students of the Federation Academy

One other difference…

On the Federation side the Combat Holograms (Klingons, of course) are armed with sharp weapons

(I don’t know what these are – they look like a squarish Sickle)

On the Klingon Academy side the Combat Holograms are Federation people armed with Phasers.

They are a bit tougher to take out – you really have to be hyper-aggressive with a Bat’leth or a Sword


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