Nepotism in a Fleet – July 29th, 2012

Yesterday my son made it to level 24 on the Federation Side

of Star Trek Online – which means he could get a Klingon Character

And so he did.

I was at his Graduation Ceremony which doesn’t have a cap & gown type ceremony

like the wimpy Federation would have

He already had his character and ship (A Norgh Bird of Prey)

but one thing was left to do – he had to earn the respect of fellow Klingons

to get a crew. A crew is essential for running a ship

Here’s what he had to do to earn his crew…

This picture is not that great because it’s not a picture – it’s a screenshot

I was on the far side of the Challenge Floor and me without a camera with a zoom lens…

To earn his crew he needed to defeat 3 other students in a Bat’leth fight

which he tore into like a hurricane.

Then this morning him and I tore apart lots of Romulan ships as a team

A two Bird of Prey squadron of death

It’s been a while since I’ve flown the B’rel Bird-of-Prey and I’d forgotten

how maneuverable and devastating it can be.

Right after his graduation I gave him some graduation presents

(weapons, a fighter craft, crew members)

and I also invited him into my Klingon-Side Fleet, The House Of Duras

Now I started out this post with “Nepotism in a Fleet” but what I did,

inviting him into the Fleet when he’s just 30 minutes from his old rank as a

Bekk, a Klingon non officer crewman

as I’m not ranking enough in the Fleet to promote someone and he’s already earning his way

won’t ever get me convicted of Nepotism, which is

“is favoritism granted to relatives regardless of merit” per Wikipedia

Now, back to “grinding” as it’s called. The quest for something you have to work hard for.

The House of Duras has a Fleet Space station that’s under construction

I’m off to kill spiders – or whatever Tholians are


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