I’m not addicted to online gaming – July 27th, 2912

Or am I?

Written at 12:43AM (Oh-Dark-Thirty, er forty-three)

I actually set my alarm so I could get up at 12:30AM

for a Fleet Marks Event on Star Trek Online.

But, the server (they call it the shard) was down for maintenance 😦

Discovered this AFTER I had consumed a cold cup of coffee I had set out for myself.

So, it’s now 12:50AM, I’m wide awake, got a bad taste in my mouth from the coffee,

so I might just as well update my Blog

First Item of Newsworthy happening:

Well, this IS a personal Blog about my adventures playing the Star Trek Online MMO

The House of Duras Fleet Starbase is built to the point of consideration

being given to Interior Decorating

Star Trek Online had the special option of adding Interior Decorating features

to your Fleet’s Starbase. On the Federation side it was Plants and such items as that.

On the Klingon side – statues of Klingon warriors and the Klingon Empire Symbol.

Second and Third Items of Newsworthy happening:

A Tholian Crystalline Sword which I just found out from the STO Wiki

has some unique characteristics. I’ll have to try it out.

It isn’t just a sword

My Federation Avatar has one also

the other is I have a new pet, a Talarian Hook Spider

someone in the game actually asked me where I had gotten it.

I told them I had made the mistake of feeding it

and like a cat now it won’t go away

Truthfully – I bought it with Lobi Crystals I got out of Tholian Lock Boxes

which is where I got the Tholian Widow Fighter and my Mirror Universe Vor’cha Battle Cruiser

Good things come in boxes…

The best news I’ve left for last…

My son had made it to Level 20 in the Federation, only 4 levels away from Level 24

where he can finally get a Klingon Character and graduate from the Klingon Academy

They don’t have a ceremony with a Cap and Gown – you have to fight

and defeat, 3 fellow students in the Warrior’s Hall to earn your first ship


It’s now 2:12AM and I’m finished blogging and feeling like I can go back to sleep

So I shall…


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