Waiting on pins and needles – July 12th, 2012

Today is the Day – or so it MAY be

Every Thursday Cryptic Studios does a scheduled update of Star Trek Online

For this morning they scheduled a longer update – from 7AM to 1PM

Could this be the BIG update? The Season 6 where Fleets get Starbases to call their own

plus a new Enemy to kill – Thoians and improvements to Player vs Player missions


So, I tried to log on at 12:45AM. Well that was too early (as expected)

So I “patiently” waited, like a pig before the feed trough five whole minutes

and tried again. Again at 12:55, 1PM, and then I waited until 1:35PM

finally I got through to the server and found I was 800-ish in a queue of 1000

to finish finish logging in

So I decided it would be a good time to Blog about my frustrations.

And then. I forgot to save what I had written so I had to re-do.

Fortunately, the majority of writing is planning what to say and the second time around

it’s better said – or so I hope


Just tried again and now – at 2PM I’m 6000-ish in a Queue of 8000


I guess it’s time to take a nap or something


I finally got on at 4:20PM


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