A weekend on Tribble – July 9th, 2012

Star Trek Online has three servers, the Holodeck (live game server),

The Tribble Test server (pre-release new game content),

and the “Redshirt” server (I have no clue)

This weekend Perfect World,  the people who created STO, had a Tribble Test Weekend

where everyone was invited to take a peek at the new suff that will be out in a week or two

and get a part in helping the Perfect World programmers polish the new game content for release

First new and exciting thing: Federation Fleet Starbase

And then the Klingon Fleet Starbase

These are both off the Tribble Test server, taken this weekend

That’s my Qin Heavy Raptor in the shot

Got to meet – and kill – a whole new race of aliens

The Tholians

The Tholians are killable – with an Antiproton weapon

With the Fleet Starbases comes some supporting stuff

A new currency to pay for base improvements

And a fast way to get to your Fleet’s Starbase

Really an adventure-filled weekend. New stuff to see and to kill 😉


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