Bigger and badder – July 7th, 2012

In Star Trek Online there are many missions called Episodes that challenge you

in a story-driven adventure. Well worth playing them as it’s a good way to level up

The Episodes are in increasing levels and sometimes you can’t finish an Episode

because it challenges you beyond your ability.

The Tear of the Prophets mission (level 37 – Captain) was like that.

I finally completed it today, after leveling up to 46 (Rear Admiral)

and building a new ship

Fleet Escort

I needed a new ship because my antagonist in the mission,

a renegade “True Way” Cardassian Gul Oran,

wouldn’t fight me mano o mano (toe to toe, ship to ship)

He would gang up on me with a Jem’Hadar Battleship and my

Tactical Escort Refit just didn’t have the hull strength and firepower

to fight both and win – which is kinda the point of battle


“Building my own ship” meant moving the Phaser Quad Cannons from my Tactical Escort Refit

and the Point Defense System Console from my Heavy Escort Refit plus the best weapons

from all my ships to create a Battleship-killer


And today – I destroyed the Battleship and completed the  Tear of the Prophets mission


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