When in Rome… July 4rth. 2012

Be Ye Assimilated

The Borg are relentless in trying to do two things to you

  1. Kill you or…
  2. Assimilate you

Killing? I understand that. All enemies try to kill you

but assimilation? Making you a very intimate part of their society?

My thoughts are your thoughts?

Yep. That’s what the Borg do best

During the battle against the Borg Invasion of Defera they try to kill you

or assimilate you

I look like this when I got infected by a large enough dose of Borg nanovirus and became


The fellow player closest to me – I’ve already killed him

I’m chasing the other two

just moments before we were all a team killing Borg

How quickly loyalties can change…

Happened to me twice today. First time was right after another player “stole” my

control panel activation after I’d fought through a crowd of Borg Drones to get

to it. Just plain immature and lacking in honor.

Of course – this IS a game and being offended by a younger player

who is acting their age is a waste of energy.

But was fun watching “her” female avatar flee the room as my assimilated avatar chased “her”

“Her” in quotes because who knows if the player is really female without video or audio .


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