What I’ve been doing the last week July 1st, 2012

Tuesday, or perhaps it was Wednesday I decided to Create another Federation character

in Star Trek Online so that my son and I could team up. The game won’t let

Klingons and Federation team up, even if the are family

So, introducing my new Federation Avatar, Tik Machiavelli

He’s a darker colored Vulcan-Italian

Loosely related to Kotagh Machiavelli, my Klingon-Italian Avatar

On the Federation side of STO the ships aren’t war-ships, like in the Klingon side

so battle-performance comes at a premium.

  This ship cost me $5 (it was on sale)

When I made Commander I bought (for $5 more) this ship

it’s a Heavy Escort Refit of the Thunderchild Class


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