The Enemy is down – June 25th, 2012

Space battle can be disorienting. Even in a pseudo-space simulation like STO

I say pseudo-space because the STO 3D rendering DOES have an up and a down.

Even then, when flying through clouds of plasma or smoke it can get disorienting.

The Enemy is Down

Wisdom from a Sci-Fi book by Orson Scott Card

called Ender’s Game

In the novel Andrew “Ender” Wiggin ends up being the youngest battle school leader

and has to deal with the disorientation of zero G battle.

He solves it by telling his “Jeesh“, his battle squad, that “The Enemy is Down”

Works for me. In the STF Mission: Infected Space after I duck under

the Borg Cube to destroy it I “clean up” by dropping down – in the game space up

to help team-mates destroy the two remaining Borg Spheres.


I’d recommend reading Ender’s Game – though the Wikipedia Article is good,

Orson Scott Card is an excellent writer and story-teller.


So remember in the heat of battle, the only important direction is where the enemy is


The Enemy is Down

Just waiting for you to “Drop In” 😉


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