Officer Reports – June 23rd, 2012

Officer Reports are player-created missions. Star Trek Online has an excellent

mission creator/editor that is called the foundry and some starter instructions

(a Guide) can be found here at the The Foundry

In the game player created missions are called Officer Reports

Late in my gaming day, when I’ve done all the Marauding and STF Missions

I do Officer Reports (player-created missions)

Some are weird, like one where I drank some bad BloodWine and ended up on a hill side being

assaulted by waves of scantily-clad assimilated Borg  Orion Women (they are Green, er Green/Gray)

That one was too weird so I quit it and did another one


In the Officer Report/Foundry Mission Old Qo’nos I got to spend some quality time

touring the historic chambers of the pre J’mpok Great Hall

J’mpok had the more modern First City built and is turning

the Old Traditional Great Hall into a museum

I had been there before, but the missions involved warfare so there was battle damage

hard to see the glory of the chambers through the smoke

So, I ask you

Is the Old Hall…

or the New Hall..

More Impressive?

Someday I’ll write a mission of my own.


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