2nd KDF medal for Borg Combat – June 17th, 2012

At 4:35 PM Pacific Time I finished my 150th STF Mission against the Borg

That’s 150 completed. A half-dozen or so went so badly that I gave up,

Usually after most of the rest of the 5 player team gave up

Now I can wear the  “KDF Cross Recipient” title above my name.

No, I don’t actually get a medal. It’s a virtual game so the medals are also virtual

The good thing about that – I can’t be stuck by it being pinned on.

Klingon Defense Force Cross

Here is my first Borg war medal, the “Klingon Defense Force Silver Star”

This I earned after 75 STF missions

The next one, the “Klingon Empire Medal of Honor”,

I get when I’ve completed 150 more STF missions


Now, would doing something 300 times be a bit mental? A trifle compulsive?

No, not at all.

No plan of Battle Survives the first contact with the enemy

Each STF mission is unique because there is a “First come, First serve” Queue

that selects 5 players for each mission that are about the same level.

5 different players picked semi-randomly with different skill sets,

different ships, different combat styles and different experience.

Remember that I said the Star Trek Online AI was cunning and clever?

The AI reacts to what we 5 in the team do and plays to win.

So each STF mission is unique.


I went to the Borg Invasion of Defera today and the “Gunmetal” Ironman didn’t show up.

Perhaps it’s his/her day off or maybe he’s wearing a cloaking device


Well, back to the virtual world of Star Trek Online


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