Borg Accessories and more “Gunmetal” Ironman – June 16th, 2012

There is a set of 4 items, the Assimilated Borg Technology,

that radically changes the appearance of your starships

My favorite ship in my arsenal of six starships is this one


Qin Heavy Raptor

My second favorite “War Chariot” is this one


B’rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit

The B’Rel is very agile, near fighter maneuverability, but nastier teeth

The Qin is slower but has much better armor

Choice is either very fast and lightly armored or

a bit slower and heavily armored

My next starship is this one – the Guramba Siege Destroyer

This is a really evil looking starship with an interesting ability

Siege Mode

Pressing this switch turns the ship inside-out (you gotta see this)

and it becomes a siege engine of incredible power.

Energy shot at it is absorbed and the returned to your target

Then there’s my Bortasqu’ War Cruiser

Which is so large that you can barely see the Borg-Tech

In between the Fast and Furious B’Rel Bird of Prey and the slower Qin Raptor

is this Pach Raptor Refit, heavier armored than the B’Rel but not slow like the Qin

Last of my ships is a Retro ship from the Star Trek TOS (The Original Series)

This is the K’t’inga Battle Cruiser Refit, an oldie but goody

During one of the Neutral Zone (aka Spectres) Mission – Night of the Comet

your modern ship is disguised by a Holo Emitter as a old D7 (K’t’inga cruiser)

I wanted one and was very pleasantly surprised to get one free!


The “Gunmetal” Ironman is being seen more often around the Borg Ground Invasion

and I’m not the only player to notice him/her

Notice that he/she turned to look at me and moments later straightened up and Beamed away.


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