First Contact with the Enemy – June 13th, 2012

A bit of Battle Wisdom is that no plan of Battle Survives the first contact with the enemy


In STO there are missions called Special Task Force missions where you have a 5 person team

and you have a battle to fight. The Khitomer Accord Space battle is one of the toughest.

These missions are for level 44 and up players.

I started off with a quote of battle wisdom. In STO the AI that runs the enemy is cunning

and so the quote rings true.

When attacked – it responds. Sometimes it will send out swarms of Borg Probes towards the Time Vortex

overwhelming your defense. If 10 probes make it to the Time Vortex – you have lost. Battle over.

No “spoils of war”

Other times the AI does other things, like sending out hordes of Probes and Spheres to attack you


In another STF mission, The Cure Space, the Borg will respond to attacks on it’s 3 shipyards

by attacking the I.K.S. Kang with assimilated Klingon ships like the Negh’Var Heavy Battle Cruiser

If the disabled I.K.S. Kang is destroyed – game over.


These STF missions are different each time and to win – you need to adapt and respond.

There are Accolades for playing an STF mission multiple times

I’m working on the last two HERE. I’m 2/3rd the way to the

Klingon Defense Force Cross


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