2nd Blog post for Today – June 13th, 2012

In STO I wanted – very badly – in fact I was willing to kill for it 😉

(virtual Borg drones in a virtual environment – no real blood was shed)

So I did a bunch of STF missions today and now I own the whole set

this SET of Assimilated Borg Technology, not really because it was superior

but because it Looks so wicked when installed on my Qin Heavy Raptor


From the front>

In battle – I always test things in battle – the Assimilated Borg Technology

performed almost as good as the Omega Force SET I usually use.

So in battle I use the Omega Force SET and for cruising about the Galaxy I use the

Assimilated Borg Technology set – it’s twice as fast (Warp 20 instead of 10) and it looks really wicked



Who’s this guy? A Gray and Black Ironman?

He never fights – just pops into the game, looks around and then fades away.

I’ve seen him around the Defera Invasion Zone, first in the Power Plant,

then today in the city. Got a screenshot or two of him

perhaps he’s one of the game programmers “dropping” in to see how the game is going

Here’s a screenshot…

and yet another

So, who is this? He even used a scanner while I was watching him

Notice the Borg behind him walking past like no one is there

Just had a scary though – is he watching me?



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