Playing STO like an Indian Warrior, June 3rd, 2012

(STO is Star Trek Online)

The American Plains Indians had a way of gaining prestige as a warrior that didn’t shed blood.

It was called “Counting Coup“. A warrior did this in a multitude of ways, the most prestigious was to get

close enough to an enemy warrior to touch him with a stick, called a Coup Stick, of course

The most prestige was gained when you not only touched the enemy warrior with your Coup Stick

but you got away without injury

neener, neener…


continuing on the next day (June 4rth)

In space no one can hear you scream, as the movie Quote goes

In space you also can’t whack a passing enemy ship with a Coup Stick, however

you CAN fly so close to them you trade hull paint while releasing mines into his face

Not EXACTLY the plains Indians concept of Counting Coup but it works for me

It also looks good and shows off my Qin Heavy Raptor’s agility


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