May 19th, 2012 – Necessity…

as in “The Mother of Invention”.

Windows 7 64-bit, like all Operating Systems, has it’s good points and bad points.

Not at all like Vista

Balmer’s infamous OS was usable as long as you made sure Service Packs 1 & 2

were installed but before then Vista just lay there and Stank (to high heaven)

One bad point of Win 7 is that it doesn’t support multiple audio inputs, at least as far as I can tell

(I may be wrong, but too late – I “went around” the problem)

My Logitech Webcam has a microphone buit-in

Win 7 says “I found THE  audio input device – check”

and doesn’t look any further. So I could’t use Ventrilo on my gaming system

without sounding like I was in a cave 😉


Did you hear the joke about the lost helicopter and the Microsoft building?


So I decided to see if Ventrilo would run on Xubuntu Linux

it does…

But double geeking (using two computers at the same time) has one serious disadvantage

Dual computers means two keyboards. Ventrilo works best in gaming when you use the PTT

(Push To Talk) microphone control as loud system noises

like exploding star ships will key the Mic at the wrong times,

or when you are yelling an obscenity at the enemy who just blew you up.

I tried using the space bar on my laptop as the PTT button but flying a starship, shooting at enemies

and Pushing the frigging space bar to talk means I either have to get a third arm (and hand)

grafted on or try something else.

I discovered that you can use mouse buttons to PTT with Ventrilo so

I tried using my big toe to click the middle mouse button (the scroll wheel)

er… what WAS I thinking…

Then I saw a plastic antacid bottle that looked about the same size as my laptop’s mouse

after cutting it in half lengthwise and using some electrical tape I came up with this…


But encountered yet another problem

Mice are designed to slide on surfaces easily


Know how many times Thomas Edison failed to invent a working light bulb?

Google it…


So I added some weight, just something that happened to be laying around within reach

In these days of WiFi everywhere a 10/100baseT Ethernet Hub is just about useless

Except for perhaps a paper weight. Or a foot-switch weight…

So here’s a screen shot of Ventrilo running on my Xubuntu Linux-powered laptop

Now can I go back to Qo’noS and the Klingon First City?

Me thirsty for blood-wine.

This blogging stuff is seriously cutting into my gaming time…


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