May17th, 2012 – Pillaging and plundering…

The way to prosper in the Klingon Empire

My daily gaming routine is to fight and destroy in Daily Empire Defense Missions

given by Mara who can be found watching the Bat’leth challenges at the First City’s

Challenge floor (The one near the bar with the Bloodwine Fountain)

During each Empire Defense Mission, as I destroy enemy ships, I get “droppings”,

a ship weapon here – an engine, console or other valuable there.

Then I take them to the Exchange and put them up for sale.

Most merchants want exorbitant prices for their merchandise, I prefer the quick sale but smaller profit

so I list them at about half of their value, which is more than I’d get by just discarding them

(you get credits for that).

Not only is it greatly profitable in Energy Credits (I made – and spent over 300,000 Yesterday),

but I get plenty of combat experience. With each weapon or ship upgrade I need to adapt to the new power.

The merchandise I put up on the Exchange is the better quality stuff.

So low price and the best value get you thriving business.

I learned much from the Rules of Acquisition, from those cunning businessmen, the Ferengi

I bought my own copy of the Rules of Acquisition, in the cheapest binding as shown 😉

The Rules of Acquisition work, along with a bit of common sense


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