May 11th, 2012 – I got a trophy head and “The Spoils of War”  is acting up this morning. Or perhaps it’s the Internet. Who knows?

two times I’ve tried to post this today and it didn’t take…

Well, you know the old saying – “Third Time’s the Charm”, whatever that  means.


I now have a trophy head on my ship’s trophy wall:

This is the “Ground Borg Accolade” trophy earned by

“terminating with extreme prejudice”

1,000 Borg in intense ground combat.

  My and my trusty Kri’stak Bat’leth did this in about 12 hours of virtual sweat and blood spillage

One thing leads to another. My first trophy was for First place in the Forcas III Bat’leth Tournament


“The Spoils of War”

In STO (Star Trek Online) when you destroy an enemy ship or kill an enemy ground soldier

here are often “droppings”of items.

Some are useful to upgrade your personal equipment and Starship Weaponry or Components

If you don’t need a item picked up you can “discard” it for energy credits

or (if you have the desire) try to sell it on the Exchange

(Galaxy-Wide ebaY).

Sometimes you get a bonus from Duty Officer Assignments successfully completed.

Yesterday I got an unexpected present of an upgraded Impulse Engine for one of my

3 Operational Starships that I badly needed to upgrade because stock is non-competitive (in battle).


Speaking of my current three Operational StarShips – each ship has pros and cons

Dexter IX, a B’rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit, if very fast and maneuverable – but a bit fragile

Dexter X, a  Bortasqu’ War Cruiser,, a really powerful Warship, but maneuvers  like a bus

Dexter XI, a Pach Raptor Refit, for those occasions where you don’t need the heavy punch

of a Warship like the Bortasqu’ but need something a bit more nimble, almost as quick-turning

as the Pach Raptor Refit but not as fragile.


Which then returns to the subject of “The Spoils of War”, which is how I upgraded

all three StarShips from stock and mediocre to dangerous and fast


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