May 8th, 2012 – Bortasqu’ War Cruiser

My newest toy in Star Trek Online

The Bortasqu’ War Cruiser is absolutely massive and equal to any opponent’s firepower.

My preferences are space battles with fast and maneuverable ships like the Bird of Prey.

I also prefer the look of the Birds of Prey ships – the wings folding down in combat and the bird-like look.

However. It’s nice to have a “Big Gun” when needed


Since this is a visual media I have some screen shots of this massive War Cruiser

First: the bridge – the control center of the ship…

ImageIt’s at least  60 yards long and 30 yards wide, maybe larger

(estimated from looking and “pacing” it – virtually)

It has three levels – Top with the Captain’s Throne

Middle, where the Tactical and Engineering stations are

and bottom where miscellaneous control panels and pets (Targs) lay around

Here’s the view out the front window:

ImageTucked into the rear of the Bortasqu’ War Cruiser is a small ship: the HoH’SuS Bird-of-Prey


The wings of the HoH’SuS Bird-of-Prey fold together and tuck into a slot on the rear of the War Cruiser


The HoH’SuS Bird-of-Prey deployed –


The detail of the Bortasqu’ War Cruiser is fine – looks good close up.


And here’s what it looks like from a distance


 Now, all I’ve got to do is learn how to pilot and fight battles with it 😉


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